FOR WOMEN WITH MENSTRUAL or HORMONAL MIGRAINES - MigreLief+M is for women who know their migraines are menstrual or hormonally related. That is, migraines that occur at the same time each month, either just before, during or after menses or during menopause.


TRUSTED FORMULA MAKES A DIFFERENCE - MigreLief has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of migraine sufferers worldwide. MigreLief+M is the same effective triple therapy formula as Original MigreLief, PLUS 5 additional ingredients to help modulate hormone and blood sugar fluctuations - which are well known migraine triggers.


AN EFFECTIVE NUTRITIONAL OPTION FOR WOMEN - MigreLief+M is nutritional support that makes a difference for women with hormonally related migraines. MigreLief has been changing the lives of migraine sufferers for over two decades.

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Most Popular Option: 3 pack (a 3 month supply) allowing for a 90 day build-up period to experience optimal benefits, with free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

Why MigreLief ?

Nutrition is important to all areas of health. MigreLief is formulated to address the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that many migraine sufferers have in common, and provides nutritional support for maintaining normal cerebrovascular function.

What's different about MigreLief+M? In addition to the “Triple Therapy” ingredients of Puracol™ feverfew, riboflavin and magnesium found in Original MigreLief, five additional clinically documented ingredients have been added to MigreLief+M specifically for problems relating to menstrual and hormonal migraines.

All five of these additional ingredients have been shown in human clinical studies to balance hormone and blood sugar fluctuations (which occur around menstruation and may cause migraines in susceptible women), and/or manage the symptoms of PMS and PCOS.

Just a few of the comments we've received about MigreLief+M:

  • "Doctors should recommend this first, not as a last resort"
  • "My favorite supplement!"
  • "Has helped a lot!"
  • "Normal life again"
  • "A world of difference!"
  • "Miracle product for me"

MigreLief+M contains ingredients that help balance monthly hormone and blood sugar fluctuation, and address nutritional deficiencies known to cause migraines.

Fluctuations in female hormones and blood sugar are major factors in causing: migraines, PMS symptoms, PCOS, weight gain, acne, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, and more.

PMS symptoms can include: breast pain, cravings and weight gain, bloating, depression, irritability and mood swings, difficulty concentrating, acne, and more.

Proven ingredients formulated by migraine supplement pioneer, research scientist, and certified nutrition specialist, Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.


Made in the USA - safe and effective. Does not contain butterbur, wheat, gluten, salt, soy, milk or dairy, nuts, corn, caffeine, artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Designed to be taken daily. Even though benefits may be noticeable during the first few weeks, please allow time for the nutrients to build up by taking consistently for 90 days,.

MigreLief+M for Menstrual Migraine Sufferers

MigreLief+M is nutritional support that makes a difference for women suffering with hormonally related migraines.

Top Migraine Supplement

MigreLief has been changing the lives of migraine sufferers for over two decades, and is consistently recommended by neurologists and healthcare professionals.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Try MigreLief+M for 90 days (be patient, it takes time to build up)! After trying it for 90 days, if you're not satisfied contact us about our money back guarantee.



"Recommended by neurologist for hormone related migraines. Excellent product."


"I would describe this product as life changing. I always had irregular periods in which my cycles were 55-60 days in length. I'd gain 10lbs every month and my skin would explode with acne. I'd have migraines for over a week straight as well as awful cramps and lower back pain. Birth control regulated me but made me have CRAZY mood swings, I felt crazy. I was recommended by a friend to try this product. WOW! I seriously never believed VITAMINS could truly change my life for the better. I don't see myself stopping these supplements anytime soon"


"Love it! I have only used the product for 30 days. You are supposed to be on it for 90. However, I have already experienced results. What I have enjoyed is how much better I feel. My mood has improved as I don't wake up feeling as though I might get a headache. I love this stuff and I can hardly wait to see how I feel after being on it for 90 days."


"My Favorite Supplement!! I'm a lifelong migraine sufferer and an RN who believes that supplements should be just as well used as prescription meds. THIS WORKS! "

Product Details

Formulated for menstrual and hormonal migraine sufferers, MigreLief+M is designed to provide nutritional benefits within a 90 day build-up period. Continue daily use to maintain benefits.

INGREDIENTS: Riboflavin, Magnesium, Vitamin B-6, Biotin, L-Theanine, Chromium, Chasteberry Extract, Puracol Feverfew

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 caplet twice a day, with food.

SAFETY: Do not take this supplement if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not consume this product if allergic to any of the following: plants in the Asteraceae/Compositae plant family such as ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies or feverfew. As recommended for all dietary supplements, consult with your doctor prior to taking this product. MigreLief+M is not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation, or for young girls who are not yet menstruating. MigreLief+M is not recommended for those with serious medical conditions or while undergoing any medical procedures, and is not recommended for young children. Keep out of reach of children.

As with all dietary supplements consult with your doctor before use, especially if you have a chronic medical condition or planning a medical procedure.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Sold out

Most Popular Option: 3 pack (a 3 month supply) allowing for a 90 day build-up period to experience optimal benefits, with free shipping on orders of $40 or more.