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Bring Out the Best in Children Who Need Attention!

  • Two formulas for 24-hours of effective focus, mental alertness, and calming support.
  • Supports healthy cognitive function for increased learning and productivity
  • Effective, clinically researched, natural focus boosters in optimum amounts
  • Contains micronutrients shown to improve sleep without adversely impacting mood or occasional anxiety levels

Attentivite AM/PM
Because we are all wired a little differently!

$68.95 USD

Effective for both growing and adult brains!

It was once thought that children would outgrow what were generally considered to be "behavior" issues, but now well-known that how this affects millions of children every year, often also continues into adulthood.

This means that any person, young or old, who has difficulty sustaining focus, staying on task, and maintaining mental alertness are not acting out of defiance or a lack of comprehension, but face neurobiological challenges that need managing.

These kinds of challenges are met with limited options for achieving the lifestyle you hoped for. This is why Akeso's Chief Scientific Officer and nutritional scientist, Curt Hendrix, has dedicated his life to providing innovative natural medicines.

If the inability to focus, be settled, and feel mentally alert during the day interferes with your child's ability to excel and fit in at school OR impacts your daily life and work performance, we encourage you to try Attentivite AM/PM!

Clinically Studied Amounts of 12 Key Focus Boosting, Concentration Enhancing, and Restorative Sleep Supporting Ingredients!

Two tablets of each of the AM & PM formula per day
provides clinically researched forms and amounts of ...

  1. VITAMIN C (400 mgs) - The benefits of vitamin C are vast and impressive. Among the benefits, it is a vital antioxidant molecule in the brain.
  2. MAGNESIUM (400mgs) - Plays a critical role in healthy brain function and mood; those with focus issues tend to have lower levels of magnesium.
  3. BACOPA MONNIERI EXTRACT (450mgs) - Is most known for reducing irritability, improving memory & concentration, and maintaining healthy brain chemistry.

  1. PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE (200mgs) - Keeps mind and memory sharp, and protects brain messaging cells for enhanced attention.
  2. L-THEANINE (200mgs) - An amino acid with calming effect and significantly increases sleep efficiency. Can last up to eight hours.
  3. LEMON BALM EXTRACT (100mgs) - Improves mood and traditional medicine to help induce sleep. Plus, occasional anxiety reduced by 70%.

  1. VITAMIN D3 (5,000 IU) - Vitamin D is known to be deficient in those who lack attention, impacts dopamine levels, and improves cognitive function.
  2. VITAMIN B-6 (Pyriodoxal-5-Phosphate) (60mgs) - Can increase alertness, concentration, and memory, and helps offset the effects of sugar.
  3. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (95% polyphenols) (20mgs) - A potent antioxidant with many studies showing the neuroprotective benefits. Crosses blood-brain barrier.

  1. IRON (20mgs) - Iron deficiency is a real concern for children who have difficulty focusing. This level is well tolerated.
  2. SAFFRON EXTRACT (15mgs) - Considered to be as effective as anything on the market acting as a potent mood and brain function protector.
  3. MELATONIN (3mgs) - Known to help with a variety of sleep disruption concerns, including children associated with lack of focus.

Here's How It Works at a Glance!


The brain is a human marvel and, as one would expect, nature provides nutrients to support our healthy brain functions. Akeso Health Sciences is all about the understanding and proper combination of those special nutrients.

  • Manufactured in an established GMP facility; third party quality testing
  • NO wheat, gluten, salt, soy, milk or dairy, nuts, corn, caffeine. Non-GMO and vegan


What supports our health and wellbeing can also safeguard us from unwanted challenges arising or returning. This is called avoiding the danger before it comes. Attentive AM & PM is safe & effective for ongoing use.

Try The Attentivite AM/PM System Today!

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