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Jun 30, 2021

Two formulas, one product! Both Attentivite™ AM and Attentivite™ PM have been expertly formulated for growing and adult brains with optimum amounts of key ingredients for overall healthy cognitive function. Together, these products feature Saffron, Bacopa, Phosphatidylserine, and Lemon Balm, along with other key, well-researched botanicals, as well as critical vitamins and minerals. 

An inability to focus, be settled, problems associated with ADHD, and feeling mentally alert during the day especially becomes an issue when it interferes with our ability to perform our jobs, and for children as they try to excel and fit in at school.

By adding advanced Attentivite AM & Attentivite PM to you or your child’s daily routine, you can expect:

  • improved focus, concentration, and mental alertness throughout the day
  • increased performance and productivity at work or school
  • greater calm and improved positive interactions with others
  • a better night of restorative sleep, waking alert and refreshed

Attentivite AM & Attentivite PM were researched and developed by Akeso Health Sciences Chief Scientific Officer, Curt Hendrix, a nutritional scientist with an advanced degree in clinical nutrition, has dedicated his life to providing innovative natural medicines. 

  • Manufactured in an established GMP facility; third party quality testing
  • NO wheat, gluten, salt, soy, milk or dairy, nuts, corn, caffeine. Non-GMO and vegan.

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