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Nov 02, 2020

Stress kills – fight back and win with “Calm & Clever”

Stress and anxiety (continued stress even when the initial cause of stress is gone) contribute to increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, occasional anxiety, excessive belly fat, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, decreased immune function, brain shrinkage, memory issues, cognitive decline and dementia and decrease life expectancy. Acute stress is also the leading cause of sudden death in healthy people.

Stress and Anxiety

EVERYONE, regardless of their age, gender, strength, wealth, health, emotional and psychological make-up, is subject to stress. But the question is… What is stress – and how is it different from anxiety?

Stress comes about due to a physical event you’re currently going through, you anticipate going through, or a newly learned fact or situation that causes you concern. In most if not all cases of stress, you can identify “what is causing you to feel the stress.” Examples can be as simple as the “stress” you feel when trying to lift a heavy weight (physical stress) to the “stress” you feel when starting a new job or learning that a loved one is ill.

On the other hand, if your life, or your response to it, is consistently full of different kinds of stresses for long periods of time, you may be become generally “anxious, fearful or nervous” as a learned behavior even when no obvious “stressor” is present or can be identified. Prolonged stress or anxiety is associated with poorer health outcomes and increased risk of disease, and diminishes greatly your day to day enjoyment and quality of life. One could make the argument that the opposite of “anxiety” is “calm.” By definition, calm means “not excited, nervous, fearful or agitated – composed.”

The clinically tested “calming” ingredients in Calm & Clever are meant to offset the physical symptoms and emotional and psychological feelings of fear, nervousness and agitation that can be caused by stress or anxiety, and create a peaceful feeling of “CALM” while remaining alert and energetic.

Quicker brain response – better memory, fact and word recall

We aren’t surprised when someone in their 50’s or above complains about declining memory and/or fact or word recall, but the fact is that memory and cognitive function starts to decline as early as the late 20’s or early 30’s. It’s not surprising that stress and anxiety can contribute to poorer cognitive function and students and soldiers have both been shown in clinical trials to perform much less effectively when subject to both physical and psychological stress.

So in addition to the clinically proven stress/anxiety reducing ingredients in “Calm & Clever, Akeso Health Sciences has added proven ingredients that have been shown to enhance cognitive function, memory and the ability to perform challenging tasks when subjected to stress.

Maintaining healthy and youthful brain volume as you age

In this age where sophisticated imaging machines can look at the health of our brains, we’ve learned that several parts of the brain can shrink with aging. This shrinking (atrophy) is associated with poorer brain/cognitive function and may even lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Akeso Health Sciences has included additional ingredients in “Calm & Clever” that have been shown to help maintain already health and normal levels of brain volume in areas crucial to long-term brain health, cognitive function and memory. Click here to learn more about Calm & Clever’s ingredients.

Calm & Clever is a must for people who want to combat the effects of stress and anxiety on health, memory and over-all brain health and cognitive function.

Each ingredient in Calm & Clever’s “anti-stress/memory cocktail,” both in form and dose, was selected by scientist Curt Hendrix because the human studies published in peer-reviewed medical and research journals spelled out the road map of exactly what you need to do to fight back and “neutralize” stress and anxiety and their negative effects on health, memory and brain function. The memory of someone who is experiencing chronic stress and anxiety is often compromised. Stress can impact levels of neurotransmitters, enzymes and even some hormones that are intricately involved in memory/recall of words, names, facts and numbers.

“Calm & Clever” is a formulation that delivers what it promises based upon quality, verifiable science.

Curt Hendrix M.S. C.C.N. C.N.S. has been a principal investigator in several NIH studies involving brain function. He formulated “Calm & Clever” using ingredients and doses of those ingredients shown in human randomized, placebo controlled studies, to either reduce stress and/or increase memory and cognitive function.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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