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Sep 16, 2020

The tradition of aromatherapy uses the powerful sense of smell to bring balance to your body and mind.

The MigreLief Migraine Stick is carefully formulated with only pure, organic essential oils known for calming, comforting, and soothing aromatherapy properties.

100% USDA Certified Organic, .3 oz (10ml)


Peppermint [Mentha piperita]

Peppermint Essential Oil is invigorating, excellent for mental fatigue and feeling down. Peppermint has a cooling, refreshing effect, that refreshes, to reduce feelings of nervous stress.


Lavender [Lavandula angustifolia]

Lavender Essential Oil has a soothing and calming, effective when feeling down and feeling nervous exhaustion.

[Mentha spicata]

Spearmint Essential Oil is best for a fatigued mind and when in need of stimulation and upliftment. Helps calms fatigue and stress.


Rosemary [Rosmarinus Officinalis]

Rosemary Essential Oil has a pronounced action on the brain and the central nervous system and is wonderful for clearing the mind and mental awareness, while having excellent brain stimulant properties, as well as improving memory. It helps with headaches, migraines, mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion. It also helps with poor circulation. 


Jojoba Oil is an ideal carrier for essential oils because it is similar to the skin’s natural oil. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial; moisturizing; and won’t clog pores.

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