Dec 11, 2020

MigreLief-NOW (capsules)

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Per 2 Capsules / Daily Value:

Magnesium (as citrate and oxide) 180mg 43%

Puracol® Feverfew** (whole leaf and extract) 50mg *

Cerevasc Ginger*** (whole root and extract) 500mg *

Aflapin® Boswellia Serrata**** (extract) 100mg *

* No Daily Value established

**Puracol® is a proprietary combination of whole leaf feverfew that is high in naturally occurring phytochemicals and a special feverfew extract. Delivered in an optimum clinically studied dose; supports proper cerebrovascular tone and function, and platelet aggregation.*

***Cerevasc Ginger® is a proprietary combination of whole ginger rhizome and standardized ginger extract. A wide-range of known benefits including helping to promote a healthy inflammatory response; supported by many clinical studies.*

****Aflapin® [Boswellia Serrata] is a registered trademark of Laila Nutraceuticals. Boswellia has been historically used in traditional medicines and today shown in clinical studies to support comfort and promote a healthy inflammatory response.*

MigreLief Migraine Stick

Carefully formulated with only pure, organic essential oils known for calming, comforting, and soothing aromatherapy properties.

100% USDA Certified Organic, .3 oz (10ml)

Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers, Inc.

Peppermint [Mentha piperita] - organic Peppermint Essential Oil is invigorating, excellent for mental fatigue and feeling down. Peppermint has a cooling, refreshing effect that reduces feelings of nervous stress.

Lavender [Lavandula angustifolia] - organic Lavender Essential Oil has a soothing and calming, effective when feeling down or nervous exhaustion.

Spearmint [Mentha spicata] - organic Spearmint Essential Oil is best for a fatigued mind and when in need of stimulation and upliftment. Helps calms feelings of fatigue and stress.

Rosemary [Rosmarinus Officinalis] - organic Rosemary Essential Oil has a pronounced action on the brain and the central nervous system and is wonderful for clearing the mind and mental awareness, while having excellent brain stimulant properties.

Organic Jojoba Oil is an ideal carrier for essential oils because it is similar to the skin’s natural oil. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, moisturizing; and won’t clog pores.

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